Sunscreen: Safe or Toxic?


It’s almost June! And we all know what JUNE means….sandy toes, lightning bugs, sweet tea, and sun hugs. But, June also means hours outside, which can result in dreaded sunburns and skin damage.

So the general and socially acceptable “fix”? Slather up in sunscreen and hope for the best! But do you know how many harmful chemicals are just bubbling inside that bright, fun, colorful tube that screams “SUMMER IS HERE!!”?? Do you know how many toxins we are smearing all over our bodies? Let’s find out!

The Facts Behind Sunscreen: 

The Environmental Working Group tested 880 sunscreens, 480 moisturizers, and 120 lip products containing SPF. In this test, they found that nearly 75% of all the products they examined contain “inferior” or “worrisome” ingredients. Such as “ingredients like oxybenzone, a hormone disruptor, or retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A that may harm skin.”

The Truth Behind SPF: 

Don’t let that higher SPF catch you off-guard. While, in and of itself, higher SPF is not known to have more chemicals or toxins than lower SPF sunscreens, it often leads to a higher level of “bravery”. Generally, people tend to apply LESS sunscreen with higher SPF and stay in the sun longer. This can result in a number of harsh issues to our skin and bodies.


So What Products ARE Safe? 

Sifting through every bottle and squinting through every list of ingredients is not only tedious, but, in the words of one of my favorite human’s, Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”. So let’s make it easy!

  • The EWG posted their top 19 choices for the least toxic options for you and your littles! For their entire list of recommendations for littles, click HERE! For their list of other sunscreen recommendations, click HERE!
  • If you are interested in making your OWN sunscreen, but aren’t sure how to about that, Dr. Axe’s recipe may be a great option for you! For his homemade sunscreen recipe, click HERE!

Hopefully this gives you some really tangible and easy solutions so that you are prepared and ready to face the summer without fear or hesitations.

Happy Sunning!







Hey there!
I am so glad that you decided to join us on this crazy life adventure of finding healing and balance! I’m Courtney, a Naturopathic Doctor, and a Certified Natural Health Practitioner. I’m so excited to come alongside you on this journey and empower you to find balance in your life using the natural resources around you.
So let me begin with the ever questioned ‘Why?’. About 8 years ago, I went to my very first appointment with a naturopath, extremely critical, leery, and walls up in every shape and form. I sat down and began filling out my intake form, but unlike most who generously check off symptom after symptom they are struggling with, I chuckled while cynically only checking off 2, maybe 3 symptoms that were minor (I don’t even remember what they were) just to test this woman and see if she really knew what she was doing. My name was called and I walked into a room to have pictures taken of my eye (my first introduction to Iridology). After that, I went into her office and she put this heavy apron on me with velcro attached to it. At this point, my 17 year old mind was going crazy with thoughts. Who was this strange women? Why the weird apron? And why, for the love of everything sane, did she need giant pictures of my eyes??
Allow me to pause for one brief paragraph and explain a bit of my upbringing. I have 1 younger sister, my dad owned (still does!) his own business, and my mom was a stay at home mom to home school my sister and I until we both graduated high school.  We ate like “normal” people when I was younger. Low-fat this, low calorie that. Fairly typical American diet. One day, my mom went through our kitchen and literally started dumping everything in the trash….except our syrup. We BEGGED for that syrup. Thus began a complete turn around in our eating habits. We started grinding our own flour and making our own bread, we made our own yogurt, kefir, kombucha, cottage cheese etc. At first the change was welcomed with grunts, tears, and withdrawals in all forms. But soon we got used to it and found that homemade things taste better than store bought.
So there I was, about 3-4 years after that first initial junk food toss, sitting in the office of a naturopath. Natural health was no longer foreign to me and in fact I had seen positive results in small day to day situations. But blown up eye pictures and velcro aprons? That was another level I wasn’t ready for…..
She began by looking at a picture of my eye that filled up about half of an 8×11 sheet of paper. There were two sheets of paper with one eye on each. I was THOROUGHLY weirded out you can say. She grabbed a pen and started circling key points in my eye and explaining what they meant. The hundreds (at least it looked like hundreds. Really it was just about 10-12 probably 😉 ) of lines under my pupil indicated stress….and lots of it. She continued to point out possible depression, thyroid dysfunction and a major lack of energy. She explained that my possible lack of energy, depression, stress and anxiety were uncommon at such a great level for my age. My parents were in the room during this time and I will openly admit, I was not overly joyed that they were finding all this out. I knew about most of it. I knew I struggled with depression and had been for over a year, I knew about the anxiety and the stress because I would often be up at night in my room having anxiety attacks. But I had been hiding and avoiding (I’m a master at sweeping things under the rug) so that no one else noticed. Now, there it was, all out in the open.
I will also openly admit, I did not stick with her recommendations. I took them here and there when I felt like it, but I was unmotivated. Soon after that, I began looking into college and what my next step would be educationally. My original plan was music education and to teach privately or in a high school. But, like most life plans, that changed. Growing up, before music was a possibility, my dream was nursing. I was obsessed with Florence Nightingale and Clara Barton. I loved the idea of being a nurse and would read historical fiction medical books and biographies just for the heck of it. I never really considered making health a career….but right before signing up for music education, everything completely turned around and the dream reignited itself in my heart. So long story short, after giving up the stubbornness and actually trying natural health, and finding that it WORKS, here I am, beginning my own business as a Natural Health practitioner.
This blog is meant to uplift, encourage, and educate. Join us on this new journey as we post tips, recipes, fun facts, and giveaways (yea you heard that right! 😉 ).
P.S. If you’re wondering about the velcro apron, it was used to help muscle test each herb and supplement to see what worked best with my body 🙂