Back to School

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Are your little ones back into the swing of things yet with class and schedules? It can be really overwhelming and take some time to really process it all and create healthy consistency.

Going back to school can bring up a lot of things. Emotional health –> such as fear, sadness, excitement, worry, etc. or also physical health –> such as germs, sniffles, sickness, and weakened immune systems.

So what can a family do to help be prepared and ready for the emotional and physical wellbeing of their littles? Check out  a few of our favorite products for your family to maintain healthy bodies and happy days!

NSP probiotic kids

Sunshine Heroes Probiotic Power – This is a powerful source of healthy probiotics to encourage that MUCH needed gut health for your little ones to help boost their immune system. The healthier the immune system, the less likely our bodies are to fall susceptible to illness.

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Sunshine Heroes Calcium Plus D3 – Not only does this incredible supplement help support your child’s structural system, but the D3 has been known to be an excellent immunity booster to help keep those sniffles and aches at bay.


Sugar – This sneaky ingredient takes all shapes, forms, and names, and is one of the biggest dangers to your littles and your family’s health. Instead of filling your child up with sugary foods such as cereal, processed granola bars, candy, chicken nuggets, fruit cups, bread, etc. try replacing with:

  • veggies and hummus
  • meat and cheese
  • fresh fruit
  • lettuce wraps
  • yogurt and homemade granola
  • etc.

Remember, sometimes “health food” isn’t actually very healthy. Read labels, research what different ingredients are if you do not know them, and trust you gut ūüôā


Valor Essential Oil – “Valor promotes a sense of calm and confidence. Add a drop to the fissure jewelry, hair ties, or simple bracelets for an easy way to diffuse at school.” -Tanya Weeks


Thieves Essential Oil – “Kids pass around all sorts of yuck at school! Diffusing Thieves at bedtime is a great way to boost immunity while sleeping.” – Tanya Weeks

For more info on Young Living Essential Oils, contact Tanya Weeks at or check her out on Facebook!

What are some of YOUR favorite resources and tips that help keep your family healthy and happy? 


10 Ways To Help Depression


Depression is a prevalent struggle among our communities and more than likely, everyone knows someone who battles it. Whether that be a family member, close friend, coworker, or yourself. What makes it harder is that each of our bodies work so vastly differently, which means that what works for one person to alleviate symptoms may be different than what works for someone else. This has also created a really terrible and damaging stigma about depression and what it actually is.


Depression is perceived as this dark, horrible, looming monster. It steals a persons peace and happy. The general view¬†of depression is that it means laying in bed with a blank look, missing work, and an overall zombie-like condition. It’s not really talked about in tangible terms and assumptions are constantly being made about what helps and what a person “needs”. But what is depression really? What if it’s the grade-A student who seems focused and comfortable in her own skin? Or what if it’s the co-worker next to you who comes across as¬†extremely self-motivated? What if it’s the friend who laughs the most and cracks more jokes than anyone else you know? What if the face of depression isn’t just one stereotype? What if it can literally be anyone? Depression doesn’t discriminate.


According to Dr. Mercola, inflammation is generally the root of depression. By supporting your body in lowering inflammation through things such as supplementation, diet, healing your gut, etc. you may find that your symptoms find relief. Now, of course, there really is no black and white answer that will work for everyone. Each of us have a really incredible healing system designed in us that is individualized to our biological make-up and needs. I have struggled with depression for as long as I can remember and have found some tangible things that have helped me. While there are not many black and whites, I do recommend these 10 ways to relieve depression for most everyone. While the in’s and out’s may look different (such as how each person self-cares, exercises, etc), the basics are a good general rule of thumb to follow.


5 Surprising Benefits of Yoga


My word for 2017 is Presence. I’ve made resolutions and set goals for years and every year I’ve failed at them, felt horrible about myself, and re-committed to the same goals year after year. So for the last couple of years, I’ve focused on a “theme” of sorts. A word. One simple priority to focus on¬†the whole year. This year, that word is presence. Practicing staying present in all moments. Which has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done to be honest. It sounds so easy. Do enough yoga classes, read enough self-help books, eat enough healthy meals, and you should be good, right?

The practice of self-love and presence has been a hard journey of self-exploration. By staying present, I am saying to myself “I’m here. I see you. This moment may be messy. Or your mind may be scattered into a million different to-do lists. Or your heart may be overwhelmed. But trust me. Stay with me. We’ve got this and I promise, it’s going to be ok and it’s going be good.” And you know what? No matter how messy and complicated the situation may be, it is always ok. And it’s always good. It may not seem good always. But I learn, and I grow, and I strengthen through those moments.


At the beginning of the year, I started going to yoga classes. My hubby and I joined our local community center and I walked into my first Yoga Flow class of the year a few weeks ago…not realizing that Yoga Flow is quite a bit different than the yoga I’m used to…..

We worked up a sweat in a tiny room completely filled with people wall-to-wall. Switching from downward dog to warrior and then back down to downward dog over and over again. My body hated my guts the next day. And I haven’t gone back since. To Yoga Flow that is….

I started the Gentle Yoga classes offered. They’re slower and easier paced. More focused on therapeutic yoga, continually honoring your body, and restoration. It was challenging for me to switch to Gentle Yoga. I felt defeated and like I was letting myself down somehow. I’m a pusher. I push my way through hard and have a “suck it up” mentality. Yoga is helping me re-learn and re-frame my mind. It’s teaching me to be present. To honor and actually love all the moments. To be still. To sit down and intentionally listen to my heart and hear what it needs. And not only hear, but help.

One reason I chose yoga is because it offers so many benefits ya’ll. I was surprised to find out some of them! After I was diagnosed with PCOS, I started researching more into ways to help alleviate the symptoms naturally. Yoga, being a hormone balancer (cool right?), was something that continually popped up!

So here I come 2017, in all of my gloriously messy present self.


10 Ways To Self-Care During The Holidays


What’s one of the things that most of us have in common during the holiday season? Stress. Whether it be from finding the perfect gift, running from one family to the next, cleaning the house for loved ones, cooking for hungry mouths, or even just fighting grocery cart traffic in the store (yes, it’s a thing). Our hearts are quickly filled with overwhelm and high expectations of ourselves.

So what does self-care really even mean? Especially during hectic seasons? For me, self-care is finding rest in even the smallest of moments. Self-care means doing what grounds and loves your heart well. It’s the thing that says “Hi there heart. I see you. I hear you.”

But before I can even begin with a list of tangible ways to self-care, I have to start with the ‘firsts before the firsts’. These are crucial. Self-care isn’t just a list of things to do. It’s a mentality. A heart change. An intentional self-hug. So what’s first?


Here’s your permission. Your “ok” to be still. To enjoy the ¬†groundedness and rest in the beauty of the moment. To stand in the midst of frantic and find your peace. To sit for a few minutes and breath in the presence of the now.


Stay true to you. Find ways to self-care that are truly authentic and soul-healing for you. This can look so different for everyone. You are unique and your needs are beautifully different than those around you. Be authentically honest with yourself on how that looks for you.


This may be the biggest and most important. You know that to-do list you are working so hard to finish and wearing yourself thin for? You know what I’m talking about. The list that comes before everything else during the holidays. Before real time with the littles. Before dates with the hubby. Before laughing with friends. Before your own peace and calm. Yeah….that one. If you find a task too overwhelming and too daunting, scratch it off. If it’s getting in the way of what really matters and those who you love the most, don’t do it. I promise sweet soul, you will be ok. In fact, I dare to say, you will be BETTER and so will your family and community. In those moments, where we discover that what we THINK is important isn’t truly the absolute MOST important, we find this incredible moment of ¬†really breathing. You know, those deep, life-saving, self-validating, deep breaths.


So now that we have the 3 “firsts before firsts” out of the way, what are some really tangible ways to calm that heart of yours? Here are some things that work for me (but remember to explore and find what works uniquely for you).

  1. Blankets – There is nothing that says safety and slow-down quite like a yummy, marshmallowy blanket. I immediately feel more restful when I get all wrapped up and snuggly.
  2. Scarves – This may seem like a weird one, but scarves to me are just the most perfect wearable hug. So when I’m feeling overwhelmed and chaotic, I hold onto my scarf (generally a blanket scarf….you seeing a trend here? ūüėČ ) and ground myself in the present.
  3. Journaling – This is a pretty typical one, but journaling has become my oldest and most consistent best friend. It helps me process and forces me to really understand and intentionally look for moments of joy and peace.
  4. Outside – It’s cold. It’s blustery. It may even be snowing if you’re unlike me and lucky enough to live somewhere where it does (can you sense my jealousy?). But there are few things that ground my heart more than being outside. Whether I’m walking barefoot on the grass or hammocking in the woods with a sleeping bag and good book. Find ways to get out there. Intentionally look for the beauty in even the simplest of moments.
  5. Music – I have a few bands who always bring me to a place of centeredness and stillness. This will look different for you more than likely, and that’s totally ok! My favorite go-to’s are Sleeping At Last, Lauren Daigle, and Balmorhea.
  6. People Watching – You’re questioning my mental health now, yeah? Gotta keep you on your toes! I love people watching. It forces me to appreciate and discover small joys. That smile someone gets when they first pick up their warm cup of coffee. The awkward laughter between two people on a first date. The sweet tears between close friends who love each other so well. It reminds me to love all moments. The ordinary as well as the extraordinary.
  7. Community – I have found so much value in truly genuine, healthy, and authentic community. In finding my ‘tribe’. My people. It can take time to really develop a strong and grounded community, but if you will take the time to really pour into those relationships that build you, challenge you, and grow you, you will not regret it.
  8. Health-full foods – Be intentional about what you put in your body. Explore new recipes that provide more healthy balance for your body and are cozy to eat.
  9. Deep Breathing – Take bold, deep breaths. Breath in so deeply that you feel it in your lungs. When you fill your lungs with much needed oxygen by deep breathing, you release endorphins, your muscles relax, and you release toxins.
  10. Candles РSometimes things get really dark and dreary during the winter-time, so create your own sunshine! Light delicious smelling candles throughout your space, and when you glance for a moment to enjoy the shadow of the flame against the wall, say 1 thing you are grateful for that day. Fewer things truly heal our overwhelmed hearts like true gratefulness.


What are some ways you self-care? How do you find your peace and stillness in the midst of frantic and stressful seasons?