Back to School

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Are your little ones back into the swing of things yet with class and schedules? It can be really overwhelming and take some time to really process it all and create healthy consistency.

Going back to school can bring up a lot of things. Emotional health –> such as fear, sadness, excitement, worry, etc. or also physical health –> such as germs, sniffles, sickness, and weakened immune systems.

So what can a family do to help be prepared and ready for the emotional and physical wellbeing of their littles? Check out  a few of our favorite products for your family to maintain healthy bodies and happy days!

NSP probiotic kids

Sunshine Heroes Probiotic Power – This is a powerful source of healthy probiotics to encourage that MUCH needed gut health for your little ones to help boost their immune system. The healthier the immune system, the less likely our bodies are to fall susceptible to illness.

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Sunshine Heroes Calcium Plus D3 – Not only does this incredible supplement help support your child’s structural system, but the D3 has been known to be an excellent immunity booster to help keep those sniffles and aches at bay.


Sugar – This sneaky ingredient takes all shapes, forms, and names, and is one of the biggest dangers to your littles and your family’s health. Instead of filling your child up with sugary foods such as cereal, processed granola bars, candy, chicken nuggets, fruit cups, bread, etc. try replacing with:

  • veggies and hummus
  • meat and cheese
  • fresh fruit
  • lettuce wraps
  • yogurt and homemade granola
  • etc.

Remember, sometimes “health food” isn’t actually very healthy. Read labels, research what different ingredients are if you do not know them, and trust you gut ūüôā


Valor Essential Oil – “Valor promotes a sense of calm and confidence. Add a drop to the fissure jewelry, hair ties, or simple bracelets for an easy way to diffuse at school.” -Tanya Weeks


Thieves Essential Oil – “Kids pass around all sorts of yuck at school! Diffusing Thieves at bedtime is a great way to boost immunity while sleeping.” – Tanya Weeks

For more info on Young Living Essential Oils, contact Tanya Weeks at or check her out on Facebook!

What are some of YOUR favorite resources and tips that help keep your family healthy and happy? 


Essential Oil Safety

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Essential Oils have been the “go-to” for a bit now and making quite a debut! They are an incredible source of natural healing and relief from various symptoms. You can diffuse them, rub them on the bottoms of your feet, place them on a cloth and inhale, keep them on cotton balls throughout your home for lovely aromas, spray for spider protection (a real MUST-HAVE for all ya’ll who are afraid of spiders…such as myself). And SO much more! I keep an entire cabinet full of essential oils in our home and we use them almost daily.

Now, with all this new fame, essential oils also have been slightly misrepresented and left people misinformed about their safety. So, give me a couple minutes here to get on my preacher’s stool and share some truly essential safety necessities (see what I did there? ūüėČ )

First off, I don’t use one specific company. I love so many and so instead of choosing, I use them all. My TOP brands are Nature’s Sunshine (their Essential Shield and Inspiring blends are so wonderful), and Plant Therapy (I can’t get enough of their Calming The Child for anxiety and those extra doses of stressful that can happen. They also specify which oils are child-friendly! A huge win in my books!). Both those companies have undergone 3rd party testing and are completely dedicated to genuine and 100% pure product. No fillers or additives. They also are very affordable and keep their oils at minimal cost. I love this because not only am I able to get MORE oils for my money, but I also know that I’m getting HIGH-QUALITY and EFFECTIVE oils!

So let’s talk safety!


Internal Use

You should never, under any circumstance, take an essential oil internally, without the recommendation of a professional and certified aromatherapist. I know, that is blasphemy for some, but think about it this way: essential oils are extremely concentrated forms of flowers, herbs, etc. If you ate as many of those herbs as are in a single drop of oil, it would be an incredibly large amount, and therefore possibly make you sick. There have been oils known to cause stomach ulcers or be fatal. If you see a company ever claim that all of their oils can be taken internally, I would highly recommend you question that. As a general rule, when any company I buy from claims they are the only company to do whatever it is they are claiming, I automatically question it. If you are interested in using essential oils internally, contact a local professional and certified aromatherapist. While some oils can be taken internally under supervision, some essential oils, when taken internally, may cause irreversible damage.


Not all essential oils are safe for children and it is usually recommend not using them at all for babies 6 months or younger. In fact, there is only a handful that ARE safe for children. Essential oils are extremely strong and concentrated. Children have sensitive skin, bodies and organs. If used improperly, it can cause a negative reaction on a child. Make sure to fully research which oils are safe for children before applying/diffusing them around children. One of my absolute favorite blends is by Plant Therapy and it is called Calm The Child. They offer various blends that are safe for children. You can find a link to those blends here.

Expecting Mamas

As with all essential oils, make sure to research and thoroughly study before applying or even diffusing it around you, especially if you are pregnant or nursing. Often, it is advised to not use essential oils at all while pregnant or nursing. They can effect your hormones and other important parts of your health and can be a huge risk when your body is at such a sensitive stage.

External Use

Avoid putting oils directly on your skin. Because of their high concentration, they can cause much damage to your skin and easily access your bloodstream which can cause a lot of damage. Always mix it with a carrier oil before applying it, and when applying an oil for the first time, use a very small amount to test how your skin will respond to it. There are many different oils you can use for carrier oils. I personally use coconut and almond oil.

Bottom line: Please be extremely careful when using essential oils. You would be amazed at their power while even just diffusing. I have a couple resources below if you would like to further study essential oils and the complexity/safety of each one.

Now, with ALL that said, oils are a truly FANTASTIC source of healing and relief and have an entire world of benefits! Don’t sway from using them, just be aware and oil-smart when you do ūüôā

Happy Oiling!



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