Back to School

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Are your little ones back into the swing of things yet with class and schedules? It can be really overwhelming and take some time to really process it all and create healthy consistency.

Going back to school can bring up a lot of things. Emotional health –> such as fear, sadness, excitement, worry, etc. or also physical health –> such as germs, sniffles, sickness, and weakened immune systems.

So what can a family do to help be prepared and ready for the emotional and physical wellbeing of their littles? Check out  a few of our favorite products for your family to maintain healthy bodies and happy days!

NSP probiotic kids

Sunshine Heroes Probiotic Power – This is a powerful source of healthy probiotics to encourage that MUCH needed gut health for your little ones to help boost their immune system. The healthier the immune system, the less likely our bodies are to fall susceptible to illness.

NSP calcium plus.jpg

Sunshine Heroes Calcium Plus D3 – Not only does this incredible supplement help support your child’s structural system, but the D3 has been known to be an excellent immunity booster to help keep those sniffles and aches at bay.


Sugar – This sneaky ingredient takes all shapes, forms, and names, and is one of the biggest dangers to your littles and your family’s health. Instead of filling your child up with sugary foods such as cereal, processed granola bars, candy, chicken nuggets, fruit cups, bread, etc. try replacing with:

  • veggies and hummus
  • meat and cheese
  • fresh fruit
  • lettuce wraps
  • yogurt and homemade granola
  • etc.

Remember, sometimes “health food” isn’t actually very healthy. Read labels, research what different ingredients are if you do not know them, and trust you gut 🙂


Valor Essential Oil – “Valor promotes a sense of calm and confidence. Add a drop to the fissure jewelry, hair ties, or simple bracelets for an easy way to diffuse at school.” -Tanya Weeks


Thieves Essential Oil – “Kids pass around all sorts of yuck at school! Diffusing Thieves at bedtime is a great way to boost immunity while sleeping.” – Tanya Weeks

For more info on Young Living Essential Oils, contact Tanya Weeks at or check her out on Facebook!

What are some of YOUR favorite resources and tips that help keep your family healthy and happy? 


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