Southern Gluten-Free Biscuits

A few months ago, I abandoned all gluten. I avoided this change until it became ABSOLUTELY necessary. Diets tend to become fads. Gluten-free-ness is no different. Initially, my goal was to find out if I had an intolerance. My body was feeling sluggish and I was struggling from digestive issues. So, I decide to dump the gluten for a month. It was a hard decision. Bread is basically sent to us from heaven and if joy, happiness, and all things beautiful, were in the form of food, bread would be it ya’ll.

So here I am, 4 months later and still no gluten. That first month I filled my unhealthy “need” for the fluffy, oh-so-delicious gluten with corn and rice. Yep. I ate corn tortillas and eggs every morning, and most evening had chicken and rice. I slowly started to realize though, both those things weren’t making me feel so hot either. While many of my digestion concerns and sluggishness diminished considerably after removing the most delicious gluten, there was still a concern there. So the next month or two I worked on cutting out the rice and corn too, and most all other grains.

IMG_8315Now, when I consume most corn products and gluten, my body reacts almost instantly. So, now for the adventure of finding “bready” gluten free foods 😉 Can I get an amen?

Something you may not know about me? I’m a southern girl. Through and through. Born and raised in Texas, with potlucks, sweet tea, fried chicken, biscuits and gravy……mmmmm…hungry yet? Anywho, biscuits are my comfort food. Biscuits and jam, biscuits and gravy, biscuits and ham, biscuits and eggs, biscuits and butter, biscuits and…..well you get the idea. So a couple of weeks ago I tackled the task of finding a southern biscuit recipe for those “I gotta have one” moments.

I’ve tested ones here and there, but I always come across the same issue. Everything tends to taste so eggy. While there is nothing wrong with eggy, it’s not the most welcome flavor in bready foods. Well ya’ll, I finally found a winner!

So here, I share with you, my new favorite gluten-free/sugar free southern biscuit recipe:

Teal and Cream with Breakfast General Recipe Card.png

Bon appetit!


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