Iridology: The storyteller of our body


Did any of you grow up reading Encyclopedia Brown? Those old, thin books, that started in the 60’s, where you followed the life of a young boy who would solve neighborhood “crimes”? At the end of each chapter, you were asked to solve the crime yourself, using the clues and tips throughout the chapter. All of the answers were at the very back of the book to check your work. I couldn’t get enough of them! I loved being on the edge of my seat, transported into an interactive story, reading between the lines, and being my own detective.

Our bodies are our VERY own detective story. They are filled with clues and hints, constantly dropping tips about what’s going on. We get to read between the lines and connect the dots to put all those clues together to discover the story that our body is sharing with us. Our eyes happen to be one of the storytellers of our bodies and they share beautiful and deep insight.

The What


Iridology: Iris examination to identify weakness and potential health concerns in the body.

Iridology is the story of our body. Each chapter can be vastly different than the first, with twists & turns and surprises you may not be anticipating. Our eyes can tell us of any weakness, but also the strength and healing going on inside our unique and incredible body system. Your left eye will reveal what is going on inside the left part of your body, and the right eye will reveal what is going on inside the right part of your body.

Do you ever feel tired and weak and in pain, and you KNOW that something is just not right, but you can’t figure out what is going on? I’ve had this happen time and time again with clients. They will sit down, frustrated, broken, and just aching to be heard and taken seriously. They don’t feel well but cannot seem to find answers that point to a real solution. Iridology is a wonderful tool and is absolutely one of my favorite ways to help identify health concerns in my clients.

The How


Iridology is a non-invasive process that each practitioner does it a little differently. I will explain my process. When I meet with a client, I take a very up-close picture of both the left eye and the right eye, and make sure I can see as many details in that picture as possible. I will then take about 2 days to really study them both, using graphs, charts, research, and resources, to come to a final educated conclusion with their results. Each client will receive these results along with supplement and nutrition recommendations to help provide healing.

I hope that you embrace the ocean of beauty and mystery in the human body. And that you begin to explore what your body may be trying to tell you!

If you’re wondering what your eyes may be trying to tell you about your health, and if you are interested in an Iridology Exam for yourself, contact us

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