What’s a girl to do when she doesn’t like health food?

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I have never ever considered myself a picky eater. I will eat basically whatever is put in front of me (within reason of course). But let me tell you……I don’t like healthy food. There. I have said it. I don’t like eating raw vegetables and I never have. Kale is gross. Bell peppers taste like ear wax. And try as I might, I really really hate cauliflower. Fruit is less hateful, but still limited. I can eat Watermelon allllll day long. But give me anything else and I’ll love it for a day or two and then give up.

I don’t like eggs very much without a tortilla or bread. Protein shakes are grainy and the thought of drinking my meal usually grosses me out. I have had quinoa in all different ways, and even mixed with brown rice and it’s still a weird texture and nasty.

I have heard many talk about changing your taste buds and that if you eat it for long enough, you will eventually like it……because that sounds totally appealing…..

This is by no means my way of saying ‘be gone with ALL the healthy food!’, but instead my way of being realistic. I love food. I love how food brings people together. I love how food teaches about other cultures. I love how food can show a person’s giving and hospitable heart. I love how food is an adventure and there is a never ending supply of new things to try. I love cooking and trying new recipes. Food is an art form and can be used in so many different ways. Food can be a form of love, it can be a form of bonding, it can bring someone out of their shell, it can provide confidence, it can be healing.

So, how am I supposed to limit my passion for food to some “diet”? We get one life. In that one life, I intend to live it to the best of my ability. For me personally, that does not mean eliminating everything unless it is no less than 100% healthy. It does mean researching what is better though! Instead of wheat flour, I find heirloom, organic, non GMO flour and stick to making my bread products myself. Instead of fries, I make jicama fries. Instead of sugar, use raw honey or maple syrup (make sure to research the kind you get though). For dairy, find as many raw products as you can. Etc : )

So what’s a person to do when they have allergies, pickiness, or a true dislike for all things “healthy”?

  1. Improvise! There are so many ways to find GOOD tasting food, especially through the never ending lists on Pinterest.
  2. Explore! Don’t be afraid to try new things. I know, sometimes that burger wrapped in lettuce doesn’t look nearly as amazing as a normal burger with a bun. And when eating healthy, feeling ‘normal’ can be hard. But give it a try. You might find something you love that you thought you would hate. I’m constantly looking for a good almond bread recipe and have tried a couple that are pretty good.
  3. My favorite healthy meals are: Taco Salad, grilled chicken with a side, hamburger patty wrapped in lettuce with Jicama fries (my picky hubby LOVES these fries…..possibly more than potato fries), Cracklin’ chicken (a yummy substitute for fried chicken, and if you’re a southern gal like myself, that’s a necessity!).
  4. Don’t be afraid to explore with sweets either. I love this milkshake recipe that I make, or even just blending frozen mango’s up to make a yummy mango ice cream. And those chocolate chickpea cakes are actually good!
  5. Find your “soul mama’s” with cooking! Nom Nom Paleo, Against All Grains, & Pete Evans are a few of my daily go-tos for colorful, inspirational, and delicious dishes.

Cutting out things that make a person feel deprived & alone, especially a foodie, is a hard decision and reality. It took me a very long time and several health conditions to fully accept the reality that I didn’t have a choice. So as soon as I ‘decided’ I started googling and pinteresting as many yummy recipes as I could find so that temptation isn’t quite as hard. It’s brave to go against what others do and the norm. But you deserve that. You deserve to not only love what you eat, but for your food to also heal your body. AND to ENJOY doing it!! You are absolutely not alone and there are very “normal” and delicious recipes out there to explore. As you embark on this adventure, let’s do it together. ❤lauren-lester-205923.jpg


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