Fermentation & Salsa


Of all the natural remedies and whole-body healing methods, fermentation is one the best. Not only does it taste amazing (let’s be real ya’ll, this can be rare with home remedies), but it’s healing benefits are extensive and long-lasting.

What is Fermentation?

Fermentation is the process when foods are left to sit in all their glory to produce beneficial bacteria. The microflora that is dwelling inside of fermented foods help to protect your body by lining your intestines. Fermenting your food creates a powerful probiotic and your gut just eats it right up! Protecting and nourishing your gut is so crucial to finding whole-body wellness. According to Dr. Mercola, our gut houses 80% of our immune system!

What’s in it for me? 

There is an enormous supply of benefits in consuming fermented foods. Some of which include:


What we have all been waiting for: Fermented Salsa

So HOW do you ferment? Let’s start with Salsa! One of my favorite go-to foods whether it be with eggs, sweet potato chips, or mixed with shredded chicken for tacos.


And VOILA! 2 days later, you have some delicious, extremely nutritious, salsa!



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